How Awesome Does This Look?

….although the emphasis may end up going on the word “look”. 

I like the idea of daikaiju being Lovecraftian Things From Outside.  It certainly makes more sense than “Monster Island” or some other variation of “they were always here, we just never noticed them before”.  I just hope this doesn’t mean that their Lovecraftian Things From Outside are going to be mindless forces of destruction like daikaiju usually are.  Yes, I know, Azathoth, but still.  If the Old Ones are invading, they shouldn’t be just big, destructive animals on the rampage.

I’m also a little leery of the gigantic mecha, which they’re apparently playing straight.  How do you play gigantic mecha straight?

(BTW, does anyone know if this is based on any specific anime, or are they just using the basic concept that has been used so often?)

Still, I’m encouraged by the presence of Idris Elba.  I’ve liked him ever since I met him as Heimdall in 2011’s Thor (up yours, Council of Conservative Citizens!), and the one line we see here – “Today we are cancelling the apocalypse!” – is badass beyond all measure. 

In the end, there’s no question I’m going to go see this.  I just can’t pass up the chance to see a spectacle like this on the big screen.  Stay tuned to see if it lives up to my hopes or my fears.



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8 responses to “How Awesome Does This Look?

  1. I’m really looking forward to this one. Maybe not as much as Thor 2, but still. It reminds me of battletech or Robotech, but I don’t think it’s bad on either.

    • Thor 2 is on the list for this year as well. So are the new Superman and Star Trek movies. Of course, it’ll be beating the odds if all of them are any good, but the surprising quality of Evil Dead has given me hope.

      • I’m looking forward to Man of Steel. Not so much the new Trek. The last one really let me down. Just isn’t anything like Roddenberry’s vision and hopes for the future. Good action, but no substance. Really a let-down.

  2. Can’t say sensible origins have ever figured much into my enjoyment of the genre, but Outside seems as good a point as any-especially as it provides a handy source for recurring incursions. As an unabashed fan of the 70’s Godzilla, I don’t exactly mind giants with a bit more brainpower either, though these critters are bound to be…er… less comically personable. ‘Sides, expanded intelligence can just as easily equal Kid with a Magnifying Glass (and your population center of choice subbing for the anthill).

    Oh, and seconded regarding Asgardians of Color.

    • Kid with magnifying glass…or homeowner pissed off at the infestation of vermin, though I suppose that one is more or less limited to Cthulhu himself, and the other Earthbound Old Ones. These guys seem to be Johnny-Come-Latelies. Say, that’s an interesting idea for a sequel: homegrown Old Ones vs. dimensional invaders, with humans caught in the middle. Just like the “monster mash” entries later in the Godzilla saga.

      As for Heimdall, I’m glad of anything that makes a bunch of racist pricks upset, but it makes perfect sense, too. The Aesir of Norse myth were modeled after the Norse themselves. The Asgardians are an entirely separate species. There’s no reason they wouldn’t have at least as much genetic diversity as we do.

  3. No kidding on the filmverse Asgardians’ potential for variation-especially considering Loki’s ancestry, much as it seemed to grate on the man himself. And man alive, a three-way War of Giants (as opposed to one monster-clan’s agenda dovetailing with ours) would thrill.

    • The funny thing is, in the original myths, everyone knew Loki’s heritage and no one gave a shit. The Aesir took giants, mortals and gods from other pantheons (specifically the Vanir) as spouses and lovers all the time, and both spouses/lovers and any resulting children were cheerfully welcomed to the pantheon (with the exception of Jormungandr and Fenris, because they were Jormungandr and Fenris).

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