That Many Splendored Thing

I’ve always been a bit of a romantic. I really do like the candlelight dinners (ideally at some interesting place that we’re discovering together), the walks along the beach, the discussing whether The Thing from the John Carpenter movie of the same name and its 2011 prequel is a single shapeshifting self-cloning organism or a disease with a hivemind…

What? That’s not a thing that most people do? Guess I’m with the right woman, then.

Love is our brightest dream, and I don’t believe I’m the only one who thinks so. 90% of the songs ever written, in whatever genre you care to name, are love songs of one kind or another. A similar percentage of books, movies and TV shows include at least a romantic subplot of some kind (even in some cases where they shouldn’t; I’ll speak more on that theme when I do my review of the movie “Them”). Most fail to achieve the transcendant, epic passion that we all dream of but can never maintain; fewer still manage to capture the everyday truth of real love. Still, the few that do are…glorious.

Anyway, the point of all this blathering, for the tl:dr crowd, is that Dreams of the Shining Horizon will be honoring Valentine’s Day this week – artificial, Hallmark-created holiday that it is – with a few love stories. Some are sad – as the song says, love is not a victory march – but I hope I managed to capture some truth with them.


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  1. Update: looks like there will be only two stories this week, instead of “a few”. Upon re-reading, one of the stories I was going to use contained a love story, but was not a love story in itself.

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